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Russell Auto Insurance commits itself daily to make sure you, your family and others are covered on the road with quality coverage. We offer affordable coverage options that cover a wide range of options such as accidents, glass damage, hail and more. No matter if you have good or bad driving history, we'll help find the coverage for you.


Cover you Accidents

Are you at fault for an accident? Liability insurance covers the damage you cause. This includes damage to other vehicles, property or injuries people receive from an auto accident.

Comprehensive and Collision

Protection Against Damage

We can help you find complete coverage again acts of nature of things beyond your control:
  • Car Accidents
  • Hail Damage
  • Falling Tree
  • Vehicle Theft
  • Fire Damage
  • Flooding
  • Broken Windows

Uninsured Motorist

Protection Against Those Without Insurance

If you get into an accident with someone who lacks insurance coverage, uninsured motorist insurance make sure not only your car is covered, but your injuries as well.

Rental Car Reimbursement

Get coverage that includes payment for a rental car

If you're without a vehicle for a portion of time due to an accident, make sure your insurance coverage provides rental car reimbursement.

Experiencing a Lapse in Coverage? No Problem!

We understand that life happens, so we don't penalize you for gaps in your auto insurance coverage. Russell Auto Insurance helps you get covered on the road even if you'd had a lapse in coverage. We can also help you find alternative methods if a particular company you're interested in denies you coverage.

More than 20 Companies available to help suit your Specific Vehicle Insurance Needs

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