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Auto Insurance

Having access to auto insurance that fits your budget is essential for every driver no matter their circumstance. Uninsured and underinsured put everyone on the road at risk, and can cause financial turmoil in the event of an accident. We can help make sure you and everyone else on the road is safe and covered from any unseen circumstances.

Motorcycle Insurance

We know your motorcycle is one of your most prized possessions, ad we work with you to make sure it's properly protected. If something were ever to happen, we help you file a claim quickly to cover damage to your bike or cover injuries you may have experienced.

RV Insurance

If you're hitting the open road for a cross-country trip in your RV, it's essential to have adequate insurance. Having specialized RV insurance is a requirement, and provides you with coverage regular auto insurance does not. At Russell Auto Insurance we work to make sure we provide you with the best policy to cover your needs and not break your budget.

ATV and Off-Road Vehicles

Are you looking to insure your 4-wheeler or another type of off-road vehicle? Russell Auto Insurance helps you find the right policy to cover everything from property damage, injuries, accidents, medical expenses and more. You may also qualify for discounts on coverage as well so contact us today!

Golf Cart Insurance

You may not know this, but golf carts can indeed be insured. In fact, in some locations require it for your Homeowner Association. The need for golf cart insurance also depends on how and where you use it. It also depends on the type of golf cart you are using. Most golf cart policies are affordable and easy to sign up for, so give us a call today at (361) 643-2600 for more information.
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